Saturday, May 30, 2015

Just Quilting Stuff and Random Art Play

Just doing a couple small quilt projects. 

Another Guy Block. 

And a pink thing. 

Now I'm working on a random scrap thing. 

I haven't felt very artistically motivated lately but I have been practicing some pattern making and playing with new art materials. 

This little book has lots of ideas from patterns in nature. 

I've been sketching some patterns from examples in the book. I see this as filling my internal database with patterns and memorizing them by drawing them. Internalizing art techniques is very different than studying a new programming language or memorizing science facts. 

And I found this fun bleeding tissue paper. I'm not sure exactly what I will do with It but I see some possibilities. 

These colored pages are screaming for more artwork. 

Thanks for reading. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Guy Block

I haven't done too much in the past couple weeks. Distracted by springtime, gardening, video's and some new craft supplies I guess. But I did reorganize one of my fabric cabinets while I was straightening up my craft room and pulled out this assortment of rocks, wood and nature themed fabrics. 

I don't remember having a specific purpose for these pieces but they are an interesting addition to my fabric collection. And I have to admit I 'collect' fabric like someone else might collect salt and pepper shakers or teapots. I don't just buy fabric for projects, specific or imagined. I often buy a piece of fabric because it is beautiful, unique, a color I love, or a theme I'm attracted to. Lately I've been picking up colorful geometric patterns and anything map related.

 I may or may not use them in a project anytime soon or ever but I enjoy having them, looking at them and may just pulled them out and use them in an out-of-the-blue project one day just like I did with the pile of stone, bricks, rocks and wood prints. 

I call it the The Guy Block because it's seems manly and I made it for a guy. No pink colors or flowers. Just rocks, bricks, wood, and well, ferns. 

Thanks for reading.