Friday, November 11, 2016

Quilt challenge

For the past several weeks I have been participating in a 7 week quilt challenge sponsored by the Project Linus organization. It is a fundraising project and the cost to participate was $15. That gives you access to the quilt pattern and instructional videos for constructing the different blocks and the quilt. 

Each week we were given a clue for part of the quilt with written instructions and a video tutorial. 

Week 1 - butterflies

Week 2 - flowers
Week 3 - hearts

Week 4 - the sun

Week 5 - watering cans

Week 6 - Gracie the owl

Week 7 - final construction

This is the Gracie's Get Well Garden quilt as I constructed it.

This is my alternative layout using all the same quilt block patterns for a second quilt I decided to make. 

There is a Project Linus Mystery Quilt Challenge Facebook group for sharing your quilt challenge sewing progress and seeing what everyone else has chosen for their fabrics. 
It's fun.

Also a quilt contest/fundraiser begins December 15, 2016 for participants, if they choose, to enter their quilts to help raise money for Project Linus and have a chance at some very nice prize's.

Thanks for reading.