Monday, May 6, 2013


The world is finally green again and I am working a a few different projects. Spring gardening, some quilted fabric patchwork projects, some butterfly collages I started last year, and more wire and bead practice. I have been making some beads out of wire and paper, wire and fabric or just wire. It's all part of my learning and experimental process. I want to embellish some other projects like handmade books or mixed media wall art with bead and wire. I'd also like to make bookmarks, purse charms or key charms. Currently I am making a variety of different bracelets as practice and shown below from newest to oldest.

This bracelet is copper wire and chain with sodalite chips, red coral beads, and red river stone beads:

A bracelet of copper, readline marble beads , and goldstone chip beads:

In this is bracelet I used some homemade beads I made from denim or dark blue fabric or denim fabric threads. The fabric beads are wire wrapped with natural and red copper wire. The red bead chips are semi-precious and the butterfly is red stone:

These are a few of the bead making experiments I have done.
Variations using pieces of old denin:

Map paper wire wrapped beads:

And assorted wire and bead links:

Finally, I also tried using galvanized steel wire from the hardware store with simple blue glass chips and red glass beads: