Monday, October 19, 2015

Christmas Art

For the last couple years I have been trying to do some kind of artwork with a Christmas theme to use on the yearly Christmas card.  The artwork is also usually a reflection of the type of art I have been doing that year. It could be paper collage, fabric collage, digital art or something else.  This year I have been doing or doodling with watercolor and topographic lines or drawn patterns so I started to try to create something along those lines with a Christmas theme.

These are some of the practice pieces I have been working on:

They were not coming out the way I imagined but they are interesting and I still have a couple more to work on just for the fun of it.

I also though about a doing a tribal design for the tree drawing:

I also think this design could be used to create an interesting Christmas quilt.

But in the end I decided to go with a simple splattered watercolor Christmas tree 

and I digitally enhanced it some in PSE13 after scanning it.  
I even found a cool paint splatter font to use for the text.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Leather Blank Books

I'm back to doing book making and this week I made two.

1). A 2' x 2" mini memento book. 

Some leather patchwork and a pretty little key.

An interesting X's binding stitch.

And a few pages printed with mini photos of family members.

2). And a rugged looking  5" x 7" leather blank book suitable for a guy.

A simple and sturdy long stitch binding.

A mix of papers for the pages; white, color, graph, line, and maps.

Thanks for reading.