Thursday, August 10, 2017

Watercolor Galaxies

You know what they say. Never say never. Hopefully it's for something as simple as my assertion that "I will never do watercolors". Something I was definitely, absolutely sure I would never bother with. 
Until I did. 

I've always admired watercolor art and just felt like it was beyond abilities. I didn't see any way I could use watercolors until I took a few watercolor art classes online at Skillshare and saw watercolors being used in ways I'd hadn't seen before.  I purchased a few bright watercolor paints and starting playing.  I'm still not planning to do any fancy watercolor flowers or landscapes but I have had fun making practice dots and colorful galaxies. I do plan on trying to paint watercolor butterflies and maybe other things, but for now I'm enjoying doing a lot of experimenting.

Watercolor Galaxy.

Watercolor Galaxy.

Practice color mixing spots.

Thanks for reading.
Aileen Biser