Friday, September 25, 2015

Still Sewing

I'm still sewing. I don't usually sew this much in the summer but it's been so hot and sunny I like spending time in the craft room in the cool basement. 

So I made another table runner. This one was an experiment in doing a simple row by row tribal design. Not much planning went into it, I simply did each row differently as I went and tried some different ideas. It helped that I had a bunch of coordinated fabric on hand from a previous project idea that I never did. Now I have used up some of that fabric, made something useful, had fun doing it and most importantly, the cat likes it!

But now if I could just decide what to do next on this collage. I started it several months ago and stopped mid point, not sure what I wanted to do next. And I have been looking at it everyday and still haven't had a sudden impulse to do something else to it. But I know it's not finished. 

Thanks for reading. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A few finished quilts things.

So I was motivated to finish the Jungle quilt for two reasons. I didn't want to add yet another unfinished quilt project to my already large pile of unfinished quilts things. And two, I wanted to practice some more machine quilting on a larger project. So this is the finished jungle quilt. 

And before I did that I made a few small quilt pieces for tops of things. I like to have every flat surface covered with a quilt and I'm trying to make them to exact sizes. 

This one was just an experiment in using very large scale prints cut up into smaller blocks. 

These next two are for the tops of a couple chests I have. 

And each day I delay posting this I finish something else.

 I finally quilted and finished this pieced table square I made a few years ago.

Thanks for reading.