Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In the Jungle

This last week I impulsively used up some leftover fabric from a long ago project. I had an idea I just had to try.  It was just suppose to be some quick little project. 

Well 8 days later this is what I have:

It's 36" x 52" so it will be a nice size child's quilt when finished. I'm just not sure when that will be or what I will do with it when I'm done.  

Oh Well, I guess I should try to stick to my primary project list and avoid doing impulsive, spontaneous side projects.  Why do I do that? But this is just a hobby after all and if I can't be impulsive and spontaneous now and then what's the point?

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Odd Projects

I've just been working on a few small things. 

I wanted to feel like I was getting something done so I machine quilted this little scrap quilt.  I guess that's the plus side of having a pile of unfinished projects.

And, of course had it Cat approved. Thanks Cassandra.

 And did some more topographic line doodles.  It's sort of meditative and easy to sit a couple minutes, often talking to someone, and just draw lines. Hills, valleys, lakes, rivers, mountains, shorelines, islands, cliffs and whatever I imagine.

This is another of the pearl cotton hand quilted pieces I work on when I'm watching TV.  I finished the edges of this small piece and plan to use it as the cover for a small book.

And this is the 'ugly' experiment completed.  I wanted to try a 'stack and slash' patchwork technique but didn't want to use any of my 'favorite' fabrics on something I might not like so I picked out of my stash 6 of my least liked fabrics, the 'uglies'.  I've see some really impressive and attractive stack and slash quilts and it looks like a fun technique to use but I didn't find it to be any less work really and the end results don't make me happy.  My vision/brain craves at least order and loves some symmetry with that and it would be nice if my favorite colors were involved. Maybe this wasn't a good test. If I liked the colors and prints in the quilt I might be able to overlook the disorder of the whole object.  Maybe.

This is one of our sleepy bees hanging out under the marigolds overnight. With their help I'll have all the seeds I need for flowers next year.

Thanks for reading.