Thursday, May 10, 2018

Still having fun with Arts and Crafts

I'm still here.
Still finding time to do arts and crafts.
I've filled spare hours with painting, artwork, sewing and bookbinding.
But I just haven't stopped to write about it.
So, to start with...
I find myself sitting down and playing with watercolor paint a lot. Unlike acrylic painting with the constant fear of permanently ruining something with the paint, I can do watercolors virtually anywhere. All my acrylic painting projects are done in my craft room, usually with old cloths on. But I do most of my watercolors sitting at the kitchen table.

In January I was thinking about Valentines and set out to make some watercolor heart art.


In February I was busy making a watercolor mixing chart with the different watercolor paints I have been collecting over the past year. I just buy colors I like without any goal or plan in mind. This is the first time I've made one of these charts. It's a little messy.  I'd like to do three different charts; yellows and blues, yellows and pinks, and pinks and blues.

By March I was thinking about Shamrocks but didn't spend much time on that and moved on to just playing with watercolor paint in the form of colorful abstracts.  I've been doing a bunch of these, experimenting with different color combinations.

I often go back over the watercolor with some pen or marker embellishments. 
It's all just doodling to me.

In April I stopped long enough to make something for the monthly ArtSnacks challenge.

But I can't seem to make a really symmetric butterfly freehand.  If I'm trying to be a perfectionist I draw an outline of one side of the butterfly, trace it on to tracing paper, flip that over and transfer the mirror image outline to the other side. I didn't do that this time so I can't look at this without seeing all the asymmetric differences. 

So I scanned in the drawing, split the image down the middle and with some help from Photoshop created two different perfectly symmetric Butterflies from the original drawing. 

Thanks for reading.

Monday, January 29, 2018

End of 2017 Wrap Up

For several weeks in October and November I worked on another Project Linus Mystery Quilt Challenge.  The theme this year was Ethan the Elephant and his travels around the world. Each block represents a different continent or area of the world. You can see more about this challenge at the Project Linus website.

I also worked on a another artwork challenge with the monthly ArtSnacks box:

And designed a Christmas Card and Christmas towel with some artwork my son created and a little Photoshop magic. The towels were printed on cotton canvas fabric at Spoonflower.

 And the cards were printed at Shutterfly.

And with just a little sewing we have cute new Holiday towels.

I found time to sew a couple more fun zipper pouches. They are big enough to hold pencils, pens, markers and small notebooks.

I love the Ghastlie and Sebastion Cat fabric.  I think the grouchy little cat is cute.  I have a skinny 17 year old cat and I've seen that look before. 

Several of the fabrics I used to make this pouch are sample prints of designs I uploaded to Spoonflower.  The solid fabric is from the Grunge Basics by Moda fabric line.

And made a mini traveler's style journal and filled it with homemade mini notebooks that I made using Star Wars themed fabric for the covers.  The secret to using fabric like this for covers is Heat'n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive between a layer of fabric and paper.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Summer Summary

Or "How To Be A Lazy Blogger".

So, I have been doing a few things over the last several months. But it's been a mixed bag of projects in different areas of interest.  So, because I haven't blogged about each odd craft thing I've been doing lately I decided to just post snapshots, maybe with a word or two, about each thing I worked on. 

Large Pojagi Cloth Panels.This large window gets direct sunlight several hours in the afternoon until sundown. Even with curtains behind the the pojagi panels there is still plenty of light coming through to play off the colors of the fabrics.

Small Pojagi panel. These were white on white fabrics stained with a diluted wash of acrylic ink which is permanent, still flexible and washable.


Mini Cloth Cover notebooks.

Mini (3 1/2" x 5 1/2") travelers style leather cover for Mini Notebooks.

A giant painting that I have been working on for a year and is not done yet! At least giant for me. It's actually only about 3' x 4' and the "canvas" is actually and old plywood crate lid. It's just one big experimental mess of color and texture. Fun.

 A couple little crochet bags from scraps of wool yarn.


A zipper pouch for pens and notebooks.

Some small artwork. A butterfly for an ArtSnacks Liquitex Cadmium Free art challenge.

Another butterfly for an ArtSnacks monthly challenge.

Some small painted canvas scraps to use as mini notebook covers.

One of the mini notebooks completed. The other two are ready for pages.

A big messy randomly painted cloth to cut up and use for more notebook covers.

 Still working on these.

And several watercolor "doodles" along the way.

Thanks for reading.