Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Power of 42

Semi-Precious gemstones.... all in one necklace.  This is the earth power beads project re-imagined as a wearable necklace.  I did some research on the Internet to come up with the information to create a synopsis of the energies said to be contain in these gemstones. The list of gemstones I am using is almost completely determined by cost. For the more expensive of the gemstones in the collection I may only have a very small example included. This list of meanings is not definitive in any way, it is just my summary of information I found from multiple sources on the Internet. Just search for gemstone meanings or properties and you will find links to multiple sources of in depth information on the topic. 

42 (+1) gemstones used:
1.    Aquamarine - calming, soothing, inspires truth, natural justice and intellectual reasoning
2.    Aventurine – good luck, creativity, intelligence, perception
3.    Agate – protection, healing, longevity, energy
4.    Amazonite – clarify and improve thinking
5.    Amethyst - promotes calm, serenity, and spirituality
6.    Blackstone - can be used to create invisibility
7.    Calcite protecting, grounding and centering stone, brings inner peace, increases intuition
8.    Chrysocolla – sooths nervous tension
9.    Chrysoprase – divine truth, promotes joy, hope, happiness, and healing
10. Coral – protection, general well-being
11.  Feldspar – accomplish goals, find things
12. Rainbow Fluorite – enhances spiritual energy, balances the psyche
13. Garnet – balances natural energy, protection, confidence
14. Goldstone – uplifting, reduces tension
15. Hematite – grounding, reduces stress, soothing
16. Jade – wisdom, peace, harmony, protection
17. Jasper – calms the mind, helps with ills
18. Labradorite - stone of transformation, clears, balances and protect the aura
19. Lapis Lazuli – cleanses spirit, truth, peace, healing
20. Magnesite – relaxing and calming stone, enhances creative and psychic visions
21. Malachite - protection from psychic attack
22. Marble – serenity, clarity, mastery of thought
23. Moonstone - helpful in psychic work
24. Onyx – protection from negativity
25. Opal - awakens and helps understanding of psychic intuition and mysticism
26. Pearl – astral stone, stone of truth, faith, and love, brings wisdom and spiritual guidance
27. Prehnite – stone of prophecy, aids in connecting to higher realms, enhances inner knowledge
28. Pyrite – defensive shield
29. Quartz – healing stone, amplifies psychic energy
30. Rose Quartz – healing, peace, nurturing
31. Rhodonite – fosters ability to remain calm
32. Riverstone – energies aura
33. Sardonyx – relieves anxiety, protection, luck, peace
34. Serpentine - guard against disease and sorcery, helps you to find inner peace
35. Snowflake Obsidian – protection from emotional draining. Black Obsidianprotection against depression, block negativity, create invisibility
36. Sodalite – protection from negative energy
37. Tiger’s Eye – clear thinking, courage, confidence
38. Tiger Iron – protection, clarity, strength
39. Tourmaline - calm, protection, focus, and balance
40. Turquoise – healing, luck, happiness
41. Unakite - promotes balance and emotional stability, grounding stone
42. Vesuvianite – encourages enthusiasm for life and imparts courage to change, helps one find a true path
43. Howlite – attunement stone, absorbs negative energy, calms and soothes

A necklace with a focus on the psychic energy in the gemstones. Opal for psychic intuition, Pearl for wisdom and Quartz for amplifying psychic energy.

Above the small chips and oval beads are Opal, the copper finish potato shapes are freshwater Pearls, and the tube beads are Quartz.

This is A necklace with a focus on peacefulness.  Pearl is for wisdom and guidance, the Rose Quartz is for peace and healing and the Jade is for harmony and peace. 

The small green stones are Jade, the burgundy beads are freshwater Pearls, and the pinkish white beads are Rose Quartz.

Thanks for reading. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stringing Pearls and Other Stuff

I didn't really know I liked pearls until I saw these bumpy colorful freshwater pearls. The way a pearl shines is uniquely different from metals or polished stones. But they have the weight and density of a piece of rock. I'm hooked on them. 

Today I made a simple necklace with pearls and hematite beads. I'll probably just wear them around the house. 

I also finished up an ornament I started in December.  There are several more of these I plan to make but for now I'm putting that project away until next Christmas.

And I'm going ahead and working some more on Christmas quilt projects and just need to sit an do some quilting on a table runner and place mat. 

Finally, I'm still working on some artwork. There is a painted collage that refuses to be completed but I think I'm almost finished it. And the continuing pursuit of the perfect turquoise abstract. Now I'm just painting on heavy fabric.

Thanks for reading.