Sunday, March 22, 2015

Green Spring Quilts

I ended up making several projects from the St. Paddy's Stonehenge 2 fabric I mentioned in a previous post. I began with eleven fat quarters which amounts to 2 and 3/4 yards of fabric.

My initial goal was four St. Patrick's Day themed placemats. 






I ended up with five 14" x 20" quilted placemats.

But I still had leftover fabric and several odd size scraps of fabric. 

So I decided to see what else I could get out of the remaining fabric.

I ended up with four more scrappy patchwork pieces.

But I still have a pile of tiny scraps, and I have an idea for how to use them, 
but that will include some watercolor paper, paint, random stencils and maybe some collage papers. Not sure at all what this will turn out to be.

I wonder how many projects I can squeeze out of this one bundle of fat quarters?

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Faux Rock Painting

Two weeks ago I started a project to paint a basement wall. It's basically a 6' by 6' space that will be used as a desk alcove. One wall will be covered with panelling and the concrete block walls are to be painted. I've had this idea to paint rocks on a wall but never had a wall to test my idea. Idea meet perfect opportunity.

The basement alcove.

The faux rock wall painting steps.

The floor painting steps.

The Before and After photos.

A little GIF of the project can be seen here

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Monday, March 9, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Placemats

The St. Paddy's Stonehenge 2 fabric placemats are coming along nicely. I drew up several design options but initially settled on a couple clover patchwork designs. I searched my design encyclopedias and found nothing that looked like a clover so I sketched out an idea for a very simple to construct clover block.

After making several of the smaller clover blocks I found some heart patchwork patterns and realized they could be adapted to a clover layout and made this simple but larger clover block. 

After making several of the smaller clover blocks I began sketching different layout options and I decided on this simple plan for a 14" x 20" placemat. 

The larger clover block is also set in a 14" x 20" layout with side checkerboard blocks. 

I have two more placemats to piece and at this point I think I may try to scale the larger clover block pattern down in size and make a third clover block pattern. I also have some ideas for Celtic ribbon patterns that I am may piece last. These are a little trickier to piece and look best with a directional fabric.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cat Tested Heart Patchwork Placemats

I finished the Valentine's Day placements yesterday and they are currently undergoing intense cat testing for sleepworthyness. I'd say they were doing a good job. Too bad that bright light is an issue for the kitty. 

The completed quilts before washing:

And after washing:

I love the crinkled softness of the quilted pieces after they are washed.  

My next project: St. Patrick's day placemats with this awesome St. Paddy's Stonehenge 2 fabric. I'm thinking of some sort of celtic knot design but haven't graphed it yet.

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