Monday, September 19, 2016

Sewing a Few Things

Still just sewing. 

I liked the results so much from my last scrappy trip-around-the-world project that I just keep on doing more of that.  This is a table runner for a little longer coffee table.

And this is a scrappy square table top quilt for and end table.

I sewed a couple more little projects this month but mostly just took care of my garden and recovered from a painful tooth extraction! Ouch!

I finished hand quilting this little block last month. It will probably end up being a wall hanging. I am doing some embroidery embellishment in the white space around the center heart applique. This make take me a little while. I'm trying to keep it out in the open so it doesn't get lost in the pile of other projects to finish (that may or may never be completed!).

Thanks for reading. 

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